SECRETS OF THE OAK WOODLANDSPlants and Animals Among California’s Oaks
This award-winning bestseller will lead you on an exuberant romp through California’s most life-filled ecosystem. With the skill of a storyteller, the accuracy of a scientist, and the enthusiasm of a child, Kate Marianchild profiles the lives and interrelationships of twenty-two animals and plants of California’s oak woodlands. In chapters filled with warmth and humor, you will learn about the third eyes of bluebelly lizards, the architectural genius of woodrats, the extraordinary communal marriages of acorn woodpeckers, and the pollination of manzanita in the musical pitch known as middle C. 

     Richly illustrated with 36 gorgeous watercolors by Ann Meyer Maglinte, this classic of California nature writing makes an ideal gift for anyone who wants to fall more deeply in love with the natural world around them: nine-year-olds, ninety-year-olds, and everyone in between. (Published by Heyday, 2014. Finalist in Indie Next Generation Book Awards, 2016.)

Excerpts from Secrets of the Oak Woodlands
(These are six of the thirty-six watercolors found in the book. All are by Ann Meyer Maglinte.)