Secrets of the Oak Woodlands:


Plants and Animals among California’s Oaks

by Kate Marianchild (Heyday, 2014)

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An excerpt from the introduction:

Thirteen years ago I moved to a piece of land in Mendocino County that rustled, hummed, and sang with the sounds of wild things—snakes, crickets, coyotes, birds. The hills were studded with oaks—gnarled old trees as well as middle-aged and youthful ones—and a medley of companions—madrones, buckeyes, bays, toyons, and others.

I wandered on deer trails, ducked under old-growth manzanitas, and clambered around poison oak. I crouched by woodrat mansions and bounced on moss-covered limbs. Once I glued my binoculars for four hours on a screech owl perched in an oak hollow. Little did I know that soon I would be writing about the marvels I was encountering—lizards with third eyes, squirrels perfumed with “eau d’rattler,” and fungi that manage forests.”

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